The Way of the Cross and Resurrection
A Guided Meditation

“Give thanks in all circumstances.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18 

The Way of the Cross and Resurrection

      This is Jesus’ way. 

      You are invited – that it may become your own way. 

      If you stop and look, you may find you have been on this pilgrimage as well. Have you ever been condemned by another? Have you ever fallen? Has your life had difficulties? When you thought you couldn’t make it, did someone appear to help? 

      Have you had times of emotional agony? Were there times when everything seemed as if it were ending, yet after a while, much to your surprise, you found a new life on the other side? 

      Lent is a time to stop. And remember. 

      Jesus has led you by his example and reminds you along your way. This is not so much a meditation on Jesus’ suffering as contemplation on “How then shall I live?” 

      As you consider Jesus’ path, may you be shown how it reflects and relates to what he asks of you on your own journey. May this process give you insights, renewed strength and the courage to move through your life with surrender and peace about what has been, holiness and great love in each present moment and hope and joy for what is yet unseen. 

      Go slowly through these questions. Pause on each and truly listen. 

      Let us pray: “Yes, Lord. Here I am, Thy will be done.”

Lord, thank you for blessing me with your amazing grace and love, and offering me access to deep wisdom and surprising inner strength. You present me with your comfort, peace and joy. Here I am Lord, welcoming, embracing and embodying your gifts, filled with profound gratitude.