The Way of the Cross and Resurrection
A Guided Meditation


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From a Catholic in Georgia:

Lynn this is so beautiful. You did a terrific job.

Some of my friends said:
Linda - "beautiful"
Pat -"very different, really makes you think about each station"
Nancy - "wow, I love these stations"
Marilyn - "the words are inspiring as are the pictures"
Jan - "reminds me of the outside stations at Corpus Christi in Stone Mountain, GA; beautiful"

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Do we have you permission to use this link to add to our website? Ann

Of course I said "Yes."

If the thoughts on this website had had meaning to you, I'd love to hear about it.
Peace to you.

From an Episcopal priest in New York:

I wanted to say something more about your prayers over the Stations of the Cross.  I've been to services of the Stations probably twenty times in my life, and really never got into it until this year.


A combination of the movie The Passion, your prayers and a visit last weekend to my Cursillo candidates at Stella Maris (a beautiful retreat center in Skaneateles, NY) has me seeing a little bit of what I've been missing in my education as a Christian.


What I like most about your prayers, and what I missed all this time in doing the stations is that there is tremendous healing in suffering.  Previously, I had always viewed the Stations with three things in mind: 1) How much Christ suffered; 2) How much we are to blame (My Protestant Guilt), and 3) How cruel we are as people.  For the first time, I've seen it in a different light.  


There is an outdoor Stations of the Cross at Stella Maris that runs down from the Retreat House to Lake Skaneateles (One of the Finger Lakes of Central NY a Little Squam size lake).  The Stations are carved in stone, maybe marble or polished granite and are set up in wooden boxes on poles at eye level.  The images are not large maybe 2 feet by 2 feet and their arrangement down the hillside is noticeable, but not commanding.  They are there, like God, not threatening, not demanding your attention, if you are intent on the Lake which is beautiful, but just there.  To see them you have to go down and walk the beautiful lawn and look into each box.  You can easily go down the lawn and never investigate. 


What I like about having to investigate each box and your prayers is first the invitation to look in.  What's this crazy pole in the middle of this lawn.  Like Thomas, we have to see the wound, but the healing comes in Jesus calling him to touch it. 

Yours prayers are like that - invitations.


Please send me your stories. Thank you.
Many Blessings,  Lynn