The Way of the Cross and Resurrection
A Guided Meditation
Jesus Falls a Second Time
7 – Jesus falls a second time.
      How many times have I fallen? 

      Have I done things I didn’t want to do? 

      Have I failed to do what I wanted? 

      Are my thoughts always of praise and thanksgiving? 

      Does my voice utter only words to lift others? 

      Has my body failed me, even with others help? 

      Do I despair? 

      Will I use your strength to show me my own? 

      Will I get up again? 

      Help me to know that falling is not the problem. It’s in staying down. Even with great burdens I can get up again with your help.

Let us pray:
Lord, thank you for blessing me with your amazing grace and love, and offering me access to deep wisdom and surprising inner strength. You present me with persistence and power of will. Here I am Lord, welcoming, embracing and embodying your gifts, filled with profound gratitude.