The Way of the Cross and Resurrection
A Guided Meditation
Jesus Is Taken Down From The Cross
13 – Jesus is taken down from the Cross.
      Can I imagine what it would be like for a mother to see that of her son? 

      How could one bear it? 

      Will I have similar strength if I need it? 

      Is there a consolation that is offered to help us bear tragic circumstances in our lives? 

      Do I believe and trust you will help me? 

      Help me to know that your gifts surround me like you were enfolded in your mother’s arms.

Let us pray:
Lord, thank you for blessing me with your amazing grace and love, and offering me access to deep wisdom and surprising inner strength. You present me with comfort, and consolation. Here I am Lord, welcoming, embracing and embodying your gifts, filled with profound gratitude.