The Way of the Cross and Resurrection
A Guided Meditation
Jesus Meets His Mother
4 – Jesus meets his mother.
      Am I willing to look into the face of someone who is suffering? 

      Or do I turn away? Have I offered solace to others? 

      When I was in pain myself, was I too self-focused to feel the pain of others? 

      Am I thankful for Love’s power to bless me with its presence? 

      Will I find gratitude in the many small blessings in my life? 

      Help me to offer comfort to others even when I’m hurting and to see and be grateful for each blessing I receive.

Let us pray:
Lord, thank you for blessing me with your amazing grace and love, and offering me access to deep wisdom and surprising inner strength. You present me with service and presence. Here I am Lord, welcoming, embracing and embodying your gifts, filled with profound gratitude.