The Way of the Cross and Resurrection
A Guided Meditation
Jesus is Nailed to the Cross
11 – Jesus is nailed to the Cross.
      Could I have such mastery over my physical body? 

      Am I willing to endure pain and humiliation if I know it’s for a greater good? 

      Do I maintain my gentleness when all around me is not? 

      Can I hold onto the ultimate truth that this body will be transcended? 

      Am I willing to be peace-filled in this material plane? 

      Help me to live your vision of obedience to God’s will.

Let us pray:
Lord, thank you for blessing me with your amazing grace and love, and offering me access to deep wisdom and surprising inner strength. You present me with gentleness and peace in obedience. Here I am Lord, welcoming, embracing and embodying your gifts, filled with profound gratitude.